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How to Be a Successful Trader

successful spread bettingOne of the best ways to become successful with financial spread betting is to look for different types of events that trigger big swings in stock markets or currency exchanges. Even if the events only impact certain segments of the market, you can use that to help make smart wagers.

Since spread betting can be done on assets from all over the world, there is almost always something that will either cause a spike in certain assets, or cause them to drop. Take some time to look at the following types of events, and how they can impact the assets that you can bet on. With this information, you can become more successful with financial spread betting.

Major Elections

Major elections throughout the world can have a big impact on the stock markets or currency value of the country where they are taking place. If the President of the United States changes, that will almost always have some impact on the markets in the days and weeks leading up to the election and just after it. The same can be said during any mid-term elections. The US isn’t the only example of this, however.   A change in leadership in any country can have an impact on their local markets.

(With UK general elections just weeks away, you can spread bet on 7 May 2015 election).

Natural Disasters

Like terrorist attacks, natural disasters can have a big impact on the value of many assets. Even something like a weather event that disrupts oceanic shipping lanes can have a major impact on the markets. Keep an eye on any type of natural disaster or major weather patterns and try to predict how they can impact markets so you can make a wise spread bet.


Holidays like Christmas generate a huge amount of sales each year, and they can cause certain stocks to climb or drop quite rapidly. Predicting which companies will do well, and which won’t, in a holiday season can help identify assets that you can make spread wagers on quite successfully.


While this is certainly another unfortunate type of event that nobody wants to occur, that doesn’t mean it is not an accurate predictor. For example, if a major conflict erupts in a country that supplies a lot of oil to the world, the price of oil is likely to go up significantly. You can make a spread bet on this with fairly low risk.

Keeping an Eye on the News

The bottom line with all of these types of events is that you really need to keep up to date with what is going on in the world, and use that information to guide your financial spread betting decisions. When done properly, this can help you to avoid making poor investments or missing out on significant opportunities.



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